What is organic raw vegan chocolate?

Raw vegan chocolate is made with unroasted cacao powder and cold pressed cacao butter. These ingredients come from cacao beans – the seeds of the cacao trees that grow in the tropics.

The chocolate is called ‘raw‘ because it is made at a low heat. When cooked, it is not heated higher than 45 degrees C. This minimal cooking ensures that the cacao retains as many of its nutrients and their associated health benefits as possible. In addition, because the beans are fermented instead of being roasted, their berry and coffee flavours are intensified.

Traditional mass-produced chocolate is highly processed and contains substantial quantities of refined sugar, soya lecithin, animal-derived fats and artificial additives. This nullifies all the good qualities which cacao has naturally! As many medical studies show, most chocolate sold in shops is far from being healthy.

Raw vegan chocolate is totally different. It is plant-based product. It is very different, even in taste, from conventional, mass-produced chocolates because it contains no gluten, dairy or eggs. I also don’t use any preservatives or artificial flavourings and never use refined sugar. Instead I add natural liquid sweeteners – agave, maple or orchard nectar.

The chocolate I make is 100% organic as I use only certified organic ingredients.